Our History


Community League has a proud and distinguished history in the Village of Menomonee Falls and surrounding areas. The philosophy of Community League from its inception has been to serve our community with charitable and civic projects. Our Community, as judged by the breadth of our commitments, extends far beyond Village boundaries. We believe "by giving of ourselves and of our time" that we can make a difference.

Originally an outgrowth of a social organization called Newcomers Club, current charter member, Betty Lou Schmidt, along with others, wrote the by-laws in 1960 for a new service organization opened to women who had spent at least two years in Newcomers Club. Within a few months of its start, the Alumnae adopted new by-laws and a new name. Community League was born and open to any person seeking membership.

Since its formation, Community League established deep roots in our community and provided help monetarily and through our volunteerism to innumerable individuals, groups and causes.

As early as 1961

Our civic efforts began with a local blood drive that collected 249 pints of blood, sponsorship of our first representative to Badger Girl's State (a tradition which continues to this day), "adoption of patients at the former County Hospital (sending them birthday and Christmas cards) and sponsorship with chaperones for a dance for 7th and 8th graders at the former Lincoln School in Menomonee Falls.

Since that time we have remained true to our mission of helping others to live better lives, by supporting the Women's Center at the hospital, supplying funds to the Menomonee Falls Library for their special needs, sponsoring Little League teams, helping with Bingo at the local nursing homes, supplying emergency groceries for needy families, helping fund the health clinic for the uninsured at Community Memorial Hospital, doing the vision screening for 3-5 year olds, donating college scholarships to graduating seniors and many more causes and civic projects. We are blessed to have given away over $1,000,000. Please see our charities page for a list of our giving and projects.

Since its formation

As volunteers, we know that our lives have been enriched by helping others and in fellowship with our friends in Community League.  The key to our success and longevity can be found in our motto: Sharing, Caring & Fellowship